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What Does the Blue Jay Symbolize?

Blue Jay is a symbol of communication, intelligence & curiosity. It means that Blue Jay people are very intelligent and determined. This bird may also symbolize protection & fearlessness. If Blue Jay appears in your life, you will feel safe & protected.

Jay Schleicher

Owner – BlueJay Insurance Agency, Inc.

Jay Schleicher

Jay Schleicher is Owner and President of BlueJay Insurance Agency Inc with a degree in Business Management.  Jay is licensed in Property, Casualty, Life, Health, and Long-term Care Insurance and Annuities.  He works with a variety of business owners, families and individuals to help tailor an insurance plan that is best suited for their needs.

When he is not working, he enjoys sporting events, camping,  playing hockey, golf, and spending time with family and friends.

Michael Bendix

Account Manager

Michael Bendix

After being a client for several years, I joined the BlueJay team in 2023, as a licensed Minnesota Insurance Producer in Property & Casualty.

Before BlueJay, my professional journey began with aiding homeowners and business owners in recovering from various losses, including water, fire, mold, and storm restoration. This firsthand experience significantly underscored the crucial importance of having the right insurance coverage. Clients value my commitment to building lasting relationships, emphasizing clear communication and transparent guidance to instill confidence in every insurance decision.

Beyond my professional background, I find joy in skiing, exploring new restaurants, and embarking on travel adventures. In the community, I dedicate my time to enhancing safety—training law enforcement on advanced car control and emergency maneuvers. Additionally, I actively participate in educating teenagers and new drivers, passing on safe driving practices and essential knowledge about vehicle ownership.

Casandra Caban

Customer Service

Casandra Caban

Hello, my name is Casandra Caban. I have a degree in business administration and I am licensed in property and casualty insurance. I specialize in home insurance, auto insurance, renters’ insurance, and homeowners’ insurance. With over 6 years of experience, I have the experience and skill to help you choose the best coverage to fit your needs and the best coverage to protect your assets from unexpected losses in the future.

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