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High Value Home Insurance

Extraordinary homes require specialized insurance coverage with custom features. We offer several high value home insurance companies that specialize in insuring homes worth $750,000 or more.

Working with an experienced agent will help you avoid many common coverage pitfalls that only a seasoned professional will be aware of. Working with an independent agent will help you avoid overpaying for the coverage you need.

The BlueJay Way

Insurance Plans Crafted To Protect Your Family

Our number one priority is protecting you and your family. That means crafting custom insurance plans designed around your risk exposure and using insurance companies with a proven track record of stepping up when it comes time for a claim.

Partnered With 20 Top Insurance Companies

Getting quotes is simple & efficient because we do all the work for you. BlueJay Insurance Agency will compare rates with top providers and tailor a plan specific to your needs and wants.

Coverage Available

Properties Covered:

  • Properties Valued at $750,000+
  • Single Family Homes
  • Cabins
  • Vacation Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • And more

Insurance Types:

  • Liability Coverage – Pays legal judgments & damages, subject to your policy.
  • Dwelling Coverage – Pays for damage to your home.
  • Damage to Other Structures Coverage – Pays for damage to structures other than your home.
  • Personal Property Coverage – Pays for damage to items like clothing & furniture.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – Pays minor medical bills for guests injured on your property.
  • Personal Injury Coverage – Pays for libel & slander damages.
  • Jewelry & Art – Pays for damage to or theft of jewelry, art, or other high-value items & collectibles.
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost – Ensures your home is rebuilt in like kind or quality, even if it amounts to more than your coverage limits.
  • And more

Custom Home Insurance Plans That Fit Your Lifestyle

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